Wellness Grant

Wellness Grants

At Believe Big we offer wellness grants to help support patients as they learn about Mistletoe and Connect patients with physicians trained in mistletoe therapy, and the resources necessary to help them advocate for their own health.

Grant Purpose
To see cancer patients and their families discover their pathway to healing.

1. The patient must have a diagnosis of cancer.
2. Grants may be made for or on behalf of the patient, family member or unrelated care giver.
3. Grants may be made for the purpose of providing stipends for the initial consult to a physician trained in mistletoe or nutrition therapy.
4. Physician must be approved with Believe Big and located in the United States.

To Apply:
Please first email us at: support@believebig.org or call 888-317-5850 and speak to a Believe Big patient advocate.

Grants will be processed within 30 days.

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