Meet Gary Zipper – Giving Testimony

I learned about this amazing organization when I was invited by a dear friend to attend the Believe Big dinner for the first time. I was receptive to the invitation as, like so many of you, I had a loved one who had fought cancer. My brother lost his courageous battle with melanoma at the age of 43. I had first-hand experience of the challenges and fears cancer brings. I saw the many obstacles a patient faces when they receive the dreaded diagnosis and through the ordeal of treatment.

After hearing Ivelisse’s story at the dinner, I decided to become involved with Believe Big and be a part of bridging the gap between conventional and complementary medicine to fight cancer. I’m now a member of the organization’s Board of Advisors and I’m thrilled to have been a part of Believe Big’s growth in helping more cancer patients each year.

Gary Zipper

I equate the cancer battle with a boxing match. In order to be successful, a boxer needs the right people in their corner. Before entering the ring,
a prepared boxer needs a skilled promoter, an experienced trainer, and a formidable sparring partner. I am so very grateful that I haven’t faced cancer and the many questions and fears that come with that diagnosis. However, I know that if I do, I would want and need Believe Big in my corner, guiding me through my fight and leading me on my pathway to healing.

The deep wisdom, compassionate guidance and amazing resources that Believe Big provides enables the “boxer” in all patients to enter the ring of cancer armed with a comprehensive approach and spiritual support.

Thank you for Believing Big with us. I hope you plan to join us for the upcoming 10 Year Believe Big Livestream Event as we learn more about the many ways Believe Big offers hope, help and healing to cancer patients. Join me today in supporting Believe Big as it grows and furthers its mission of helping families face, fight and overcome cancer.

Gary L. Zipper
Corporate Partner
& Board Member

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