2019 Mistletoe Webinar Replay

An educational webinar discussing mistletoe therapy for treating cancer. During this webinar you will learn all about mistletoe therapy, the clinical trail and what one could expect with this treatment. Dr. Nasha is on a mission to educate and empower […]

Patti Jacobs

Before cancer I was one of those annoying people who never got sick. When my left arm started hurting in August 2014 I thought it might be tennis elbow, even though I don’t play tennis. After a few weeks I […]

One Word Webinar

One Word creates clarity, power, passion and life-change. The simple power of One Word is that it impacts all six dimensions of your life – mental, physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, and financial. Simply put, One Word sticks. There is a […]

Mistletoe Clinical Trial Update & Details!

The primary objective of the trial is to test safety and to identify the recommended Phase 2 dosing. The secondary objectives are to test tumor marker Kinetics measured in the blood via standard assays; PSA, CA-125, CEA, etc. We added exploratory objectives […]

Celebrating a Christmas Miracle

Brad was diagnosed in February of 2018. In July, he spent 35 days getting two surgeries and spent the fall recovering before his last surgery on December 14th. This week, he went home for the first time in 10 months […]

Thank You Contemporary Ceramic Studios Association (CCSA)

Mary, Jensen, and Jackie (from left to right) traveled to St. Charles, Missouri for the annual CCSA convention. For the second year in a row, Believe Big was chosen as their charity of choice. The convention connected us with at […]

Integrative Medicine Meeting

In September, Believe Big had the opportunity to travel to Stuttgart, Germany for the Integrated Medicine Meeting! The Integrated Medicine Meeting was a gathering of over 200 various medical professionals hosted at the headquarters of Helixor, a producer of mistletoe. […]

Stefanie O’Polka – Lung Cancer Overcomer!

Stefanie O’Polka Lung Cancer Overcomer! As a lifelong non-smoker with no family history of cancer, I was shocked and horrified to receive a lung cancer diagnosis in April of 2015. I had a serious case of pneumonia that thankfully hadn’t […]

Believe Big visits Horizon Day Camp

Thank you to our supporters for providing an amazing day at Horizon Day Camp for 90 pediatric cancer fighters and their counselors! These spirited smiling campers, aged 3 to 18, each painted their own unique Believe Mug to be given […]

Simple Fitness and Nutrition

Thank you to everyone who was able to come out and join us for our Simple Fitness and Nutrition event presented by Jo Miller! Jo has been a longtime supporter of Believe Big as an advisory board member and volunteer. […]